A look back at 2017

Snow has been falling today in our neck of the woods – literally, the woods.  We live in a forest in Western New York.  I had a lot of driving to do today and had time to listen to an audio book and think.  It’s almost March!

The past two years have been filled with so many things from travel, to a family death, graduation, first year of college, relative visits, weight loss, our first calving and to new lambs on the farm.  I didn’t take the time to blog about it and regret that.

So, over the next few weeks, I plan to catch up with the news.

I will share some photos and stories.  I hope you will check back again.



Farm Visit

Memorial Day Weekend was exciting on the farm.  My parents arrived for their yearly visit to our place on Friday morning.  They actually have an investment in the farm – they contributed to the purchase of our Dexter heifer, Grainne.  They also chose her name!

This year, mom and dad were able to see the sheep for the first time.  Mom took some photos of the new ram lamb, Ciaran.  He is a stocky little fellow.

Dad was able to pet Grainne while she was in her stall one evening.  Mom helped get eggs out of the coop.  The weather was overly warm, so, my girls took time to sunbathe and splash.  It was such an enjoyable time visiting – 4 generations together.